Rachael one year ago

There are no words, there is no way, To describe the pain we feel today. How much we'd give to bring you back To save you from that one attack. But throughout our sorrow, tears and pain Our loving memories still remain. Amy, your time with us was far too short We had so much more to do, And the pain we feel unbearable Because the one we've lost is you. But you'll be with us at our table, You'll be with us as we sleep, And your ever present memory will help to ease The pain of tears we weep. What we look at, you will see And where we go, you'll come, Because you have not gone away And your life is not yet done. Even though you have been taken, We will not let you go And our memories and love for you Will stay and they will grow. Amy, we must thank you, just for being you To us you will never go, to us you are not dead And with us you'll live forever Just inside our hearts instead. 💙💙 (Poem by Becky Jenkins)