1Martin's Glastonbury to Glasgow Walk

Created by Rachael
Amy's Dad Martin will be walking from Glastonbury to Glasgow in aid of Asthma UK in the Spring of 2020 (Weather dependent start time to follow). He will attempt to do this in 3 weeks, walking on average 20 miles per day of the 387 mile route. He will start in Glastonbury and finish at Finnieston Crane in Glasgow. Thank you once again for your continued support.

17th March 2020 - IMPORTANT UPDATE

17th March
It is with deep regret that Martin has decided to postpone the remaining part of his walk due to the Coronavirus outbreak. He feels it would be irresponsible for him to continue the walk at this time and would prefer to be close to family. He has walked an incredible 160 miles in 8 days! He will complete this..... watch this space 💙💙💙

Important Advice - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

16th March
You’ve all seen the news, washed your hands more times this week than in your whole life and stock piled your toilet roll!! All jokes aside I wanted to take this opportunity to share the Asthma UK website link with health advice for people with Asthma https://www.asthma.org.uk/advice/triggers/coronavirus-covid-19/

Quina Brook to Tarporley

16th March
Miles walked 24.7 - Martin was up at 6am and had done nearly 15 miles by 10am. It was a lovely sunny day ideal walking conditions. Shin splints still playing up but he wanted to do a good stint as day off tomorrow.

Dorrington to Quina Brook

16th March
Miles walked 19.7 - new walking boots today but so far so good! Highlight of martins day was the 5 women cyclists who rode by and shouted “nice legs”!

Ludlow to just after Leebotwood

14th March
Miles walked 19. After a days rest and some shin advice from Adam (What do you do with the big green rolling pin??) Martin started up again today. He finished the other side of a village called Leebotwood. To be honest we had no idea exactly where we were!!

Hereford to Ludlow

12th March
Miles walked 23 - long walk today with a couple of long stops (shout out to Big Trevs Snack Bar). We are so proud Martins walked nearly 100 miles so far and now he’s having a small break to rest his shins (ankles and knees!!).

Monmouth to Hereford

11th March
Miles walked 18 - it would be easier to tell you what part of his body isn’t hurting!!! Ankles, knees and shins have been taking it in turns to hurt more today! But..... Martin still managed to get to Hereford.

Aust to Monmouth

10th March
Miles walked 20.008 - Really hard one today with a couple of aches and pains! Was very blowy crossing the bridge into Chepstow. Finally made it to Monmouth just after 4pm. Now having a well deserved Cider at the Queens Head.

Chew Magna to Aust

10th March
Miles walked 18.5 - Walking time 5 Hours 45 Mins. A beautiful morning for a walk through Bristol. No pints today just coffee and cookie stops!

Glastonbury to Chew Magna

9th March
Miles walked 20.2 - Walking Time 5 Hours 48 mins. This is the first leg of the journey Martin popped in to see his Dad, stopped in Wetherspoons in Wells for a breakfast and had a pint at the The Blue Bowl, West Harptree.

Martin's Glastonbury to Glasgow Walk

8th March
Martin has started his walk today 8th March! Keep an eye out here for pictures, miles and updates! Thank you all for your donations and continued support.